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Providing ability - job fit talents that meet global corporations standards

End to End Recruitment, Staffing and HR Solutions

With a legacy spanning decades, our expertise transcends time, harmonising with the pulse of the ever-evolving business landscape. Nestled at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, we proudly operate in the GCC region and now the EU, seamlessly bridging aspirations with opportunities.


Our commitment to excellence is fused with the power of cutting-edge AI and HR analytics, crafting a recruitment experience that is not just seamless, but transformative. As industry stalwarts in the GCC region entrust us with their talent acquisition, we stand as a beacon of growth, shaping destinies one placement at a time. Accelerate your growth here, with Prince India.



Serviced Organisations






Years of Experience in Global Recruiting 

Manpower for all industries

Industrial Expertise

Be it Oil and Gas, Construction and Contracting or Logistics and Transportation, we have supplied talents to leading corporations having expertise in highly specialised and emergent talent needs.

Extensive Network

We source highly specialised and certified talents through our time tested network through which we can source quickly without compromising on quality.

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships allow us to supply volume of talents over a sustained period of time through our in house companies and external partnerships with universities and associations.

Witness Transformation

Throughout our history we have been a part of true and total transformation in various countries

Witness some of our current and past milestone projects from around the world


Global Clientele

Services Offered

Temporary Staffing

Addressing rapid workforce requirements with quick deployment staffing solutions to ensure business project continuity without compromising on quality and deadlines.

Permanent Placement

Discover ideal candidates to join your long term journey as we meticulously match skills, culture-fit, and aspirations for lasting employee experience.

Outsourcing and Shared Services

Enhance operational efficiency by leveraging our outsourcing and shared services, allowing you to focus on core business functions while maintaining the control and quality on your talent acquisition campaign.

Visa and Documentation

Gain expert advise and fastest processing of documentation, legalisation, visa submission in consulates and embassies, degree attestation and other documentation services.

Learn how we can add value to you

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