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About Us 

About Us

35+ years of shaping careers and lives

Prince India emerges as a distinguished global recruitment agency with an unparalleled legacy of expertise spanning decades. Operating from the financial hub of Mumbai, India and connecting the heart of the GCC region, we bring forth a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, redefining the recruitment landscape. Our hallmark lies in seamlessly integrating modern technologies and analytics to orchestrate ability-job fit candidates connecting aspirations with opportunities at the largest organisations in the region.


As trusted partners to the GCC's foremost industry players, and having registered with the Ministry of Overseas Affairs
Lic. No. B-0002/MUM/PER/1000+5/2634/89 along with the Saudi Consulate of Mumbai & Delhi, Prince India is recognised with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. We are architects of growth, sculpting success stories through strategic talent acquisition. Welcome to Prince India, where the journey to exceptional futures begins.

Our Strategy

Nurturing Talent, Augmenting Businesses, Transforming Lives

Our Vision is simple, ​to be the cornerstone of global recruitment excellence, driving a transformative impact on both individuals and businesses. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, AI integration, and strategic partnerships, we aspire to sculpt a future where talent finds its perfect home, propelling industries and careers to unprecedented heights. We aim to stand as the catalyst that bridges aspirations and opportunities, fostering a world where every placement is a step towards collective success.

Prince India is dedicated to redefining global recruitment dynamics through a fusion of experience, technology, and a people-centric approach. Our mission is to provide seamless access to top-tier talent for the biggest industry companies in the GCC region, thereby fueling their growth and innovation.

Our Values



We believe the most granular efforts lead to the biggest impact. Therefore, we provide complete disclosure throughout the recruitment process for our clients as well as applicants, to ensure the highest level of trust and seamless recruiting experience.



As a second, and the driver of our success is the catalyst with which our internal team works with. Ensuring operational excellence, tenacity helps us overcome the turbulent challenges in today's world.



Finally, with the help of our previous values we are constantly driving transformative change through the latest technologies in the recruitment, selection and screening process so that the right talent secures the right opportunity.

Our Team

With a cumulative experience of over 175 years, our team is a dynamic collective of talented individuals stationed across the globe, each dedicated to steering our company towards excellence. From diverse cultural backgrounds and expertise in HR, business development, social innovation fields, our members are united by a shared commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility.


They work tirelessly to source the best solutions and make professional decisions that reflect our core values. Whether it's in innovation, operations, or customer service, our team's integrity and collaborative spirit drive us to exceed expectations and foster positive change in the communities we serve.

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